Election Day is THIS SATURDAY

Dear Neighbors, 

Election Day is this Saturday, TOMORROW, and I am asking for your support and vote to be the next Mayor of Farmers Branch. 

This is the time when you will make your decision as to who is best equipped and trained to work with our City Council and City Staff to provide guidance, leadership and vision for the next three years. 

I am sure you have seen the various direct mail pieces, flyers and other advertising by both sides but what should really matter most should be Experience and Qualifications. 

While the Mayor does not run the city, the mayor does provide guidance, leadership, direction and historical perspective to the Council in their decision making. What I bring to the city which makes me the best candidate: 

  • 6 years of service on City Council
    • Having worked thru 6 city budgets
  • Service on three city boards prior to being on Council
  • Over 40 years experience in sales and management in the corporate/private sector 
  • I am a Business Owner of Time-Out Media and Time-Out Sports, Inc. 
  • Board member for several civic organizations including the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association and St. Monica Works

My city and civic experience along with my vast business experience has prepared and qualified me to serve as your Mayor.

When I announced my candidacy last year, I stated the priorities that I would like to work with our Council on, some of which include: 

  • Filling Open Positions at the Police Department. Promoting Excellence with Police and Fire.
  • Slowing Traffic Down throughout the city
  • Providing True & Transparent Tax Relief to residents and business residents 
  • Improving Code Enforcement 
  • Establishing a Neighborhood Improvement Program
  • Assessing All Current City Assets. Take care of what we have first before adding new assets. 
  • Partnering with Dallas on a Homeless Initiative to address a growing problem along 635
  • Address “Shale Mountain” and Accelerate Its Removal
  • Unifying our City to Promote One Community / One People 
  • Making Sure Your Voice Will Be Heard at City Hall
  • Being Customer Service Focused

Based on my experience and qualifications, I am honored to have endorsements and support from: 

  • The Dallas Morning News
  • The MetroTex Association of Realtors
  • The Farmers Branch Police Officers Association

In recommending me, The Dallas Morning News said, “Lynne’s understanding of issues pressing against Farmers Branch, most notably the shortage of police officers…is especially valuable because the city has a new police chief and city manager.”

The decision is yours on Saturday. I hope that you will weigh these facts and base your decision on what I have proven I can do for our city. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support, and as always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.



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