Citizen Comments

“We feel you are the man for this position. Your love of our city and all you’ve done as councilman is fantastic!”

Sheran P.

“Your agenda not only follows, but highlights the preservation of what FB use to be. My family and I appreciate your efforts. Keep it up!”

Matt S.

“I definitely support your campaign as I do see you’re the better candidate compared to Mr. Rivas. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you and your campaign. Thank you.”

Mohammed M.

“I want to congratulate you for your willingness to run for the Mayor in the great city of Farmers Branch. As far as I’m concerned, no one can do this job better than you and therefore I wish you much success in your endeavors.”

Greg Roemer

“Love the priority items you will address as Mayor. Continuing to pray God will bless all your campaign activities, and you will find favor with a vast majority of the voters and be elected.”

Jim and Judy

“The Gallops would love to display a sign in our yard to show our support of your run for Mayor! Thank you for loving our city!”

Kellie G.

“Last night’s meeting was really lively to say the least, and both Pam and I thought you did a really good job of keeping things on point and staying positive.  

It’s pretty obvious that there are some longstanding after-effects from both Robert Dye and Tim O’Hare.  You seem to have your finger on some solutions and we’re encouraged by what you had to say.  I know some of it will be hard to do, but at least you’re reaching out and looking for solutions instead of playing “Us vs. Them.””

Scott N.

“Thank you for inviting me to the Meet ‘n’ Greet.  You were very professional.  I like your focus on fiscal responsibility & fairness.  It can be difficult to conduct a public meeting with sometimes opinionated people who want to involve themselves in every topic.  I thought you handled the crowd with grace and respect.

Tommy & I will be supporting you in your bid to make our city a terrific place to live & grow.”

Austin & Tommy

“Thank you for inviting everyone to the ask me anything. We all have the same thoughts and love for our city. I’d love to come again.”


“I look forward to touching base with you sometime soon – perhaps at the next monthly breakfast. Thanks for keeping in touch and keeping us informed about what’s happening in Farmer Branch.”

Sarah E.

“Thanks for putting the sign in our yard. We have an iron fence on the golf course – a great place for a banner.”

Serena C.

“Thank you sir, you got my vote. I hope you become the new mayor of Farmers Branch. God bless.”

Jose Antunez

“Sorry I missed your kick off party. So happy you are running! Thank you.”


“Nice to meet you too Mr Lynne. I’ll help you in your race any way I can.”


“Your website was refreshing, informative, and well done!  I will send monies the end of the month as I so remember the cost of campaigning where every dollar helps.  Please let me know how I can help besides prayers and money.  Farmer Branch will do great things under your leadership and guidance.

I like you being the “residents’ candidate” instead of the power brokers’ candidate. Take care of yourself to keep up the energy for the next couple of months.  

Positive thoughts and prayers!”


“Thank you so much for your willingness to serve our community.  

Yes, I’m happy to receive your newsletter with city updates. Plus, I’m praying continually that the need for city police officers will be filled in a prudent, yet timely fashion: with men and women of integrity and courage.”

Susan W.

“Thank you for this information and I will be looking forward to future additions of your newsletter. I appreciate the use of “customer service” as one of the pillars of your campaign.

I was good to see you again last night at the council meeting and as I had mentioned , I have contacted Mr. Byles and we are looking into the possibility of our Lodge participating in Veterans Day celebrations.”

John Bowsher

“Appreciate your invitation but I am not driving anymore at night. I am sure you will be one of the best Mayors ever in the City of Farmers Branch.

My only request is to consider the stop on heavy traffic on ways like Marsh Lane, residential area and move it to Midway or Josey Lane.


Angela F.

“Thanks very much for your email. Please keep me updated about campaign events.

I enjoyed speaking with you and look forward to the next few months.”


“Hi Terry! So enjoyed meeting you!

Yes, we would like to have a yard sign to help get your name recognized in our neighborhood.”


“I believe in you sir! You got this!”


“Terry – your emails are very informative and appreciated.  No need to apologize for being a thoughtful person!”


“I support you and will happily post a sign on my patio. Thank you.”

Stacey F.

“I have a wall and would be honored to post a MONSTER sign at the corner of Josey Lane and Farmers Branch Lane. Location location location!”

David S.

“Will Happily Support You & Your Mayoral Campaign, By Asking For A Sign To Be Placed In Our Yard.

We Will Also Be Following Up, By Happily Contributing To Your Campaign At Your Provided URL Link.

Thank You For All Your Hard Work And “GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE”


“Thanks for inviting me to your event last week.

During your comments to our group, you stressed the need to stay out of partisan politics and focus on what is best for Farmers Branch.

You are on the right track and it is comforting to see that you are avoiding the mistakes that Brenda Brodrick made when she ran for Mayor of Farmers Branch and she insisted on interjecting national partisan politics into her campaign for Mayor.

We really do not care if you are a Democrat, an Independent or a Republican.  We just care about what you are going to do for Farmers Branch.”

David J.

“Thanks for the opportunity to meet with you the other day at Phil’s. I enjoyed our conversation very much and found your newsletter informative and enjoyed the info.”

Ken F.

“I would be happy to display your election sign.”

Roni H.

“Good morning Terry, I’d love a yard sign.  I am in full support of you becoming our mayor.”

Jenn Garcia

“Has anyone else told you their yard sign went missing? Mine was there last night because my friend commented on it. When I got home from the PD today it was gone. I reported it.”

Sarah Faith

“I am so sorry to miss this event.  I wish you a very successful evening and will continue to support your campaign.”


“I’m sorry I’m going to miss the event as I’m headed out of town today.  Nonetheless, I just donated to your campaign and checked the box requesting a yard sign.  If I can be of assistance (volunteer work) in your campaign in the coming days, weeks, etc., please let me know.”


Thank you again for what you’ve done and continue to do for our city…..and for stepping up to run for mayor!!

As always you can count on my support & I’ll stop by for a yard sign & a piece of pizza tonight. 

Thanks again.

Jay F.

“Sorry,  I can’t make it tonight. I go to bed early.  At 74 I spend more hours in bed…..

However, I will be voting for you!

Good Luck!”


“I’ve received several of your emails.  Thank you for the solid and helpful information within them. “

Annie E. 

“Terry, it was an unexpected pleasure to have some time with you yesterday. After the conversation, I feel a lot more like an authentic Farmers Brancher. Hope to see you again at the Friday morning “get together.””

Glen K.

“Terry, I am bummed that I am not able to attend your campaign kick-off but that is the first night of class for our new COP class. I know it will be a fun evening.”


“Thank you Terry. Your comments about the candidates are very helpful since some of us do not know them. In the past I depended only on your suggestions for voting.”

Jose Mathew

“You are the absolute best!”

Alycer Johnson

“Thank you !!!

Remember that I need a Terry Lynne sign in my yard when the time comes :)”

David S.